On the hunt for precious edibles

Slowly and meticuously, we bushwacked our way through soggy terrain in search of the coveted fungi, the prized delicacy that we’re all too cheap to buy at the store, the much sought after morel mushroom. Our group of ten had set off in the afternoon, sure that we would have no problem fanning out into the woods and gathering loads of morels to supply our mushroom feast that night. We started at Galena Wetlands, formerly referred to at the super secret site but now revealed. After an exhaustive hour long search, one person had bagged a single tiny morel and we decided to quit while we were on top. The group then moved on to another site (which shall remain super secret) where one hunter gathered a reasonably sized stash. Despite most people going home empty handed, the weather was great and the trails around the wetlands were a refreshing escape from the city for a few hours. Mushroom hunting is likely to get better as the season progresses, more trips will be planned, and we will have our feast.

Mushroom hunting is super easy and can actually be incorporated into practically every outdoor trip. As you are hiking, biking, running, paddling, climbing, bird watching, geocaching, or whatever it is you do, simply keep and eye open for wild edibles. Check out this guide for some of the basics: http://www.fieldandstream.com/articles/hunting/2013/04/finding-cooking-morel-mushrooms. You may just stumble upon the next great super secret site!

Looking for more South Bend Adventure Club trip reports? Check out the trip report archives for all trips prior to this blog’s launch.

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