I found it!

There’s something very satisfying about finding hidden treasures. Perhaps it’s a trait deeply rooted in our DNA and passed down to us from our hunter-gatherer ancestors. Whatever the reason, it turns out a lot of fun can be had with a GPS device and a list of coordinates. For anyone unfamiliar with geocaching, it basically involves using GPS to search for small containers that contain toys, trinkets, notes, and otherwise worthless things that become amazing just because you have to search for them. These things are hidden all around (you probably aren’t far from one right now) and you can locate them by going to geocaching.com.
There are a total of five caches in Potato Creek State Park. So for this weekend’s adventure, we got a group of eight together and hit the trails with GPS in hand. We successfully located all five caches and hid them again as best we could. I left behind the rubber ducky found from the last trip in one cache so that it could continue its strange journey. Afterwards we were rewarded by a very generous apple tree.
Potato Creek is the closest state park to South Bend. Historically the land was used for farming, but restoration efforts have converted it into a great natural area. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve never been there. Geocaching can be incorporated into any trip really, just remember to do a little bit of research beforehand.
Back in town, we stopped at El Paraiso and loaded up on way too many dollar tacos and horchata which we then brought to the East Race to gorge ourselves and enjoy the afternoon sun.

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