Perfect day for a paddle

Baugo Creek is a wonderful little hidden gem for paddling just outside of town, so it seemed like the perfect place to spend a relaxing Sunday morning. As the planned trip approached, the forecasted chance of rain steadily grew from 30% to 90%, crushing any hopes of sunshine. However a select group of resilient paddlers refused to be scared away. So Sunday morning, eight of us launched kayaks from a small bridge to explore this meandering creek.

With the recent drought, the water level was pretty low. Right away we had to deal with pretty frequent portages over rocks. And to make things even more exciting, the weather forecast was spot on: the drought ended that morning with a nice downpour. Luckily we were kept warm by constantly having to get out and drag our boats over rocks and treacherous logjams.

It was exhausting, but the rain over the river actually made for a pretty neat paddling experience. I’m generally opposed to cancelling trips because of weather and I’m glad we followed through with this one. After finally getting off the water and drying out, we merrily stuffed ourselves with $1 tacos at El Paraiso.

For more information on local paddles, check out the paddling section of the Michiana Adventure Guide here

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