Snowy urban mountain biking

One of my hobbies is biking around town and exploring the nooks and crannies of a city that most people avoid. Old roads full of potholes, abandoned railroads, and utility access routes are some examples of what I’m talking about. Basically anything that avoids heavy traffic, is bumpy, and has interesting scenery. I decided to create a route through the city of South Bend that strings together a series of such places and call it an urban mountain bike route. Then I got a group of people together to ride it in 20 degrees while snowing.

Only three of us were stubborn enough to brave the weather. It was cold, but we had a good run of this convoluted path through town. Areas we covered included the woods behind Holy Cross College, an old railroad route going through West South Bend, historic West Washington Street, and the more popular East Bank bike trail to the farmer’s market (8.1 miles in total). Biking these areas can be a good change of scenery if you’ve been on all of the main bike routes in town. Or you can just use segments of it to get around. I’m always looking to expand the route so if you know of places that would fit into this, please let me know.

For more info on the route:
If you prefer traditional bike routes:

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