Spice it up at Spicer Lake!

This weekend we went on a winter hiking adventure through Bendix Woods and Spicer Lake County Parks. We had 9 people come out to join us while we marched our way through the snow. We arrived at Bendix at 10 am (Spicer Lake doesn’t open until 11am) and hiked there for about an hour. Bendix park is named after Vincent Bendix who ran a lucrative corporation engineering automotive break systems. The park is a beautiful place to go with hiking and mountain biking trails.

At around 11, we went to Spicer Lake County Park, which has about 3.5 miles of hiking trails through wetlands and forests. We went along the wetland trail and spotted some birds including a red bellied woodpecker and a chickadee. There were also plenty of animal tracks to identify and a few deer frolicking in the woods. We finished off our adventures at Moser’s Austrian Restaurant where we enjoyed schnitzels, beer and German chocolate cake. Overall, it was a cold but fun day!

Link to St. Joseph County Parks to plan your own adventure.

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One thought on “Spice it up at Spicer Lake!

  1. Looks like it was a nice hike. The trees and snow look gorgeous! I love winter.

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