Adventures at Turkey Run

This weekend the South Bend Adventure Club took a wonderful trip out to Turkey Run State Park. A group of nine of us left for Turkey Run (TR) just after work on friday and arrived at a set of cabins outside of the park at around 10 pm. After some partying in Cabin 2, we all went to bed with at least 6 space heaters going between the group of us. We were out the door, after a nice warm night of sleep, and on the trail by 8:30 am. Myles Robertson, who previously worked at TR this past summer, led us through a short hike before heading to the lodge for some much needed free coffee. There we met up with a few more in the group and left for some more hiking. The scenery was pretty spectacular despite the cold conditions. TR is a large park with about 15-20 miles of trails and a large lodge. The park has over 200 acres of virgin tree growth and is one of the oldest parks in the Indiana State Park System.

In total we walked about 7 miles of trails and most of it went with beautiful scenery and without incident. However, we did have one injury close to boulder canon on trail 9. Lara twisted her ankle at the bottom of the canyon and was picked up by security along the trail. She was a real trooper and seemed to be in great spirits, despite the injury. After the hike we all had a potluck style dinner back at cabin 2 and met up with 3 more people from the group for a total of 14 people on the trip.

The next morning (after another nice warm night of sleep), we got some more free coffee at the TR lodge and left to go repelling. We hiked about a mile where we set up a rope for repelling and great pics (see pics below)! After a few hours, we all hiked back, and left for Shaukin Indian Fast Food in West Layfayette. This place probably had the best Indian Food I’ve ever had and certainly the best Samosas in the world.

Overall, it was a wonderful trip filled with scenic hikes and great company. If you have a weekend to spare, certainly consider spending it at Turkey Run State Park (and stop for Indian Fast Food along the way!).

Myles Robertson’s Blog about Turkey Run and Shades

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