Hiking and Beach Combing at Indiana Dunes State Park

In the week or so before this event, the forecast predicted warmer weather! Since nothing was planned, I hope to see if there was interest in a different type of adventure. As part of my job I work with Engineers, Surveyors and people with backgrounds in Geology. Listening to them talk about the features of our area is really interesting. One talked about finding fossils and different types of rocks and it really peaked my interest. I started researching for more information and felt this might be a change of pace for the club. For the sake of the length of the blog, I will post one resource I found on the web:  http://lakemichiganrocks.com/index.html  but there is plenty of other internet resources if you are interested in Rock, Fossils and the geology of Northern Indiana.

The weather ended up getting cold again and we ended up with 3 inches of local snow and Indiana Dunes State Park only received an inch of heavy snow. It didn’t dampen our spirits but it would prevent us from meeting one of our goals today to find some Beach Glass, Rocks and possibly fossils.

7 adventurers hiked from the Nature Center to Trail 7, over to Trail 8 but then when we found ourselves on Trail 4, the wrong trail! we headed back up the stairs back to Trail 8 before finally hitting the beach on Lake Michigan! It turns out, two of our newest members, Lisa and her husband Scott are also avid beach dwellers and also search for beach glass (and other rocks). It was nice to see that putting out an event to see if it would appeal to Adventure Club members, actually brought out two new members! Unfortunately, with the snow cover, there were few areas on the beach to “comb”, we should have brought snow shovels! All was not lost,  I ended up finding some Lightning Rocks and surprisingly two rocks that stuck to a magnet.

After the hike we headed to Third Coast Spice Cafe and met another new South Bend Adventure Club member, Tricia, It was great meeting new people and I hope this breaks the ice (but not the ice covering Lake Michigan while we walk on it) and they will join us for future events!


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