Addendum to the Mammoth Cave Adventure – Hiking Mammoth Cave National Park

The recent group excursion to Mammoth Cave National Park was quite exciting.  One thing that I wanted to be sure to share with people is about the opportunities outside of the main attraction of the park.  I’ve been visiting this park for over twenty years and this was the first time I did anything within the park other than take cave tours!  I was missing out!

Mammoth Cave National Park has over 70 miles of hiking trails.  There are campsites and back country camping available.  You can also fish within the park without a fishing licence and go off the trails unless the area is marked not to.  This weekend there were many cars parked to the sides of the roads as people were searching for morel mushrooms – also fine to pick within the park although there is a daily limit.

Paul and I went on two completely free guide led hikes within the park.  One was on Saturday morning and lasted about an hour and a half.  We learned a lot about the park, plant life and animal life within the park, and ecological system of the park and caves.  On Sunday morning we took another free tour of an area of the park called “Cedar Sink.”  This area has a very large quantity of wildflowers due to it being a “sink,”  and the guide pointed them all out – Jack in the Pulpit, Bluebells, Goldenseal and more.  I also happened to spot a morel mushroom!

I don’t believe I’ve ever taken a park up on the free tour offerings.  It is really amazing what these parks have to offer and I won’t hesitate to take part in free tours again.

Mammoth Cave National Park is open every day except for Christmas.  The cave itself is amazing and beautiful, but the nature and beauty outside of the cave is something not to be missed!

mammoth mammoth4 Historic Enterance Green River

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2 thoughts on “Addendum to the Mammoth Cave Adventure – Hiking Mammoth Cave National Park

  1. I LOVE Mammoth Cave National Park. I go at least once a year for the caving and the hiking!

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