Lost ruins of Warren Dunes

This weekend’s adventure club destination was Warren Dunes State Park. Although we had been there before, I wanted to try some deeper exploration. Instead of going through the main entrance and following the signs like good park visitors, twelve of us (and four dogs) parked at an alternate lot on Floral Lane and set off on a backwoods route to the lake to see what we could find. We followed the shore north until we noticed a brick structure in the woods. Investigating further, we found an old abandoned pump house with two floors of creepy dark rooms below it that some of us descended into. Further up the slope, there were many crumbling concrete remains of what we were told was once a Christian church camp. We cut straight into the woods to loop back. Several members of our group had taken alternate routes and we quickly lost track of them, but eventually everyone rendezvoused at the cars. Despite it being a three hour, rugged hike, we only managed to cover about three miles. We really weren’t going for distance on this one. It’s a common misconception that once you’ve hiked every mile of trails in a park, you’ve seen it all. In reality, even the tiniest strip of land generally has something worth seeing, you just need to dive in and get lost. For our post-hike meal, we returned to one of our favorites, the Pleasant House Bakery in Three Oaks (also known as Li’l Pies).

Warren Dunes Hike

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One thought on “Lost ruins of Warren Dunes

  1. wish i went along…never had the nerve to descend into the depths of the pump house by myself. you guys have some real brass. It was not all that long ago that the water inside was all the way up to the trap door opening of the upper room level. Thnx for the reconnoiter of it. Will check it out again, sometime soon.

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