Weekend Adventure in Ohio

Five members of the South Bend Adventure Club took off this weekend for a wide variety of activities in Ohio. All five piled into one Kia Soul and we left from Plymouth, Indiana early Saturday morning. It was a snug fit for a four plus hour drive, but everyone appreciated the fuel savings and fun time visiting.

Our first stop was the Maid-Rite Sandwich Shoppe in Greenville, OH. This was about 3.5 hours into the trip. This local legend opened in 1934 and their specialty is loose meat sandwiches (chopped ground beef cooked in vinegar served with onion, pickle and mustard.) The place was packed for lunch this Saturday at lunchtime. The prices are really great and everyone had lunch for about $5.00 each.









We traveled on to Germantown Metro Park for some fall hiking. The leaves had started their fall change of colors, the air smelled crisp and clean. Everyone had a nice hike around a area of old-growth woodland and another hike near the nature center. We also went to the other side of the park to catch the view from the valley overlook. The hike was a good way to work off some of our yummy lunch.









In route to our next destination we noticed a strange site in Carlisle, OH


Paul quickly turned the car around so we could get a closer look. After getting some pictures we started googling “UFO Carlisle OH,” and quickly found our answer. Someone has put together two Futuro Homes. The Futuro home was a prefab home desinged in 1968 by a Finnish architect. These Futuro homes have quite a history.

We continued our travels to a amazing grocery, Jungle Jim’s, in Fairfield, OH. This is a tourist destination, the store is the size of ten football fields. They carry everything you can imagine, from typical groceries, to every international ingredient you can imagine. There’s even a section dedicated to a newer culinary delight in some parts of the world – eating bugs. There’s also a entire isle of hot sauce, including many you have to sign a waiver to purchase and that cost $80. Jungle Jim’s also bosts a wonderful variety of wine and beer. Our couch surfing host had said we could use his grill, so we decided to make beef and tofu kabobs, garlic bread, pasta salad, and red potatoes. This was a great time to scope out the discounted vegetable area since we were going to be cooking in a few hours and we found some awesome deals.

















At this point we were minutes from our wonderful couchsurfing hosts TJ and Terri. We were so gracious to them for opening their home up to five of us, and it was even their very first experience with couchsurfing! Everyone quickly felt welcome and at home. We figured out the sleeping arrangements and everyone had a bed to sleep in. It was fun visiting with TJ and Terri, everyone had a lot to talk about and share. They let our group take over their kitchen to get dinner ready; we’d brought plenty to share with our hosts too. TJ put together a fire pit outside and we sat around chatting and waiting on the food to cook on the grill. After a grill malfunction TJ put a grate over the fire and we finished the dinner off there. The meal was delicious.









Sunday morning TJ had cooked a amazing apple french toast casserole. Everyone was stuffed and ready to head to Kings Island for the day! We packed up, thanked our hosts for such a amazing couchsurfing experience, and headed to the park for a day of coaster riding.

October is the perfect time to visit amusement parks and not have to deal with long lines or oppressive heat. We started the day with the newest ride, the Banshee, and only waited perhaps 7 minutes. When we walked off that ride we noticed the Sky Flyer was discounted to $5.00 per ride. Two of us were already determined to do this add on ride which consists of getting into a body harness, being hoisted up 150 feet, and then plunging downward in a free fall until the line is taught, then you swing. It’s pretty intense. The discounted price convinced two more to give it a go. The fifth person couldn’t be convinced, but took video and pictures for the rest of us. For the rest of the day we hopped on and off rides. The longest wait was 20 minutes for a indoor coaster called Flight of Fear. We were able to walk right on, with no wait, The Beast (third longest coaster in the world – 4.10 minutes long,) and The Vortex (metal coaster with 6 loops.)



It was early evening when we loaded back up for the four hour ride back home. Everyone agreed the weekend went very well and was a lot of fun. There’s a plan in the works to schedule a SBAC spring trip to Cedar Point and another SBAC fall trip back to Kings Island next year.

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