Bike South Bend to Potato Creek

This weekend we had a pretty awesome trip to Potato Creek State Park. Four of us decided to bike there from South Bend. We met Saturday morning with rain clouds covering the sky. A sensible group would have called off biking and just driven. But at that point we had spent a good amount of time Jerry-rigging all of our camping gear to our bikes and didn’t want to back out. The weather held out for most of the trip. We took a series of back roads that had relatively little traffic and beautiful forested areas that were painted bright with fall colors. As soon as we got to the park entrance, the rain started coming down pretty hard and the last five miles were a struggle. But soon we were at the nature center, where four other club members joined up with us. A Boy Scout event was being held at the park this weekend, and so we were literally swarmed by rambunctious children. We took refuge by huddling in the corner of the salamander display to dry off, warm up, and eat peanut butter sandwiches to replenish our energy.
The rain wasn’t stopping, so we all just donned our rain gear and took off for some hiking. We covered all of trails 1, 2, and 4 which totaled to 9.5 miles. After that, some headed home while the rest of us headed to the campsite to cook up a tasty dinner and sit by the campfire.
After waking up, we wasted no time, packed things up, and three of us got back on our bikes to return to South Bend. The weather was much better this time around and we might have spotted a bobcat at one point, although the jury is still out on that. We got back to town just after noon, pretty much exhausted but feeling good about our adventure.

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