Rough terrain in South Bend

This Sunday, five urban mountain bikers explored some of the lesser frequented parts of South Bend. We started in a parking lot off Angela Blvd and headed north into St. Mary’s College. From there we accessed a hidden abandoned railroad that follows the St. Joseph River. Obstacles included large downed trees and gravel that is just about the worst size for biking on. Next we crossed the river and continued to follow the once-rail-way, but here we had to fight our way through dense grasses that covered us in burrs and more terrible gravel. Thinking the worse was over, we crossed Lincoln Way and rode west to explore a densely wooded area that included a big abandoned chemical storage tank (accessible but potentially carcinogenic) and several patches of quick sand (plus more burrs and gravel). Once we got out of there alive, we shot down to Western Avenue in search of food. We found a very tasty small Mexican place called Taquiera Chicago. After stuffing ourselves on tacos, we returned to our cars via the East Bank Trail. In total we covered 11.75 miles. Overall, it was exhausting and fraught with challenges, but in all seriousness a pretty fun and exciting ride.


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