Pokagon State Park Toboggan Run & Hike

This past Saturday 11 South Bend Adventure Club members decided to check out the toboggan runs at Pokagon State Park in Angola, IN. We managed to carpool in 3 different vehicles and met up on site early in the day as the toboggan run was getting going. There were many people out enjoying the unseasonably warm weekend and everyone could still have fun tobogganing because Pokagon has one of the few refrigerated tracks in the country.

We were all a bit surprised about the weight of the toboggans as we waited in line. The line moved quick and suddenly we were at the top and loading onto the sleds. For speed the suggestion was to get in lightest weight to heaviest, so that is what one group did. On the first ride one group got up to 37mph and the second group was at 36mph (Max speed recorded on the track is around 42mph.) We were all quite surprised about how terrifying this toboggan ride ended up being! We were waylaid into not being worried because there were wee little children as well as senior citizens riding, but after the fact we all decided that this was quite the adventure. A few more trips were taken down the run with various members sitting out and visiting by the fire or taking pictures as others went one or two more times.

imagejpeg952   1546454_10152597853327252_8164221111226406118_n


At this point we checked out the trail map and decided to walk to the Nature Center and do a small 2 mile hike before heading out for lunch. We made it to the Nature Center but all agreed it smelled a little strange in there. Once our noses adjusted we enjoyed listening to a employee talk about the different birds feeding outside a viewing window and checking out the snakes, turtles and other critters in the Nature Center.

20141213_133104 20141213_130200

We then finished up the hike and met up for lunch at a local restaurant called Timbers in Angola. As always the group had a great time visiting and enjoying good food.


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