Scouting out Sullivan’s Cave

This weekend a group of intrepid adventurers headed down to cave country in southern Indiana to explore yet another cave system. Caves are confusing and we are notorious for getting lost in them. In an attempt to be safer and more responsible trip leaders, we decided to take a small band of experienced cavers to scout it out. Five of us drove to Bloomington and met up with Andy, a friend from another adventure club. We couch surfed with Dave, another friend from a previous caving trip. The six of us squeezed onto the floor, happy to not be camping in sub-zero temperatures.

Saturday morning, after a pit stop at Crescent Donuts, we drove to the cave. There we met Joy and Dave, two experienced cavers that had been in Sullivans many times. They helped us navigate through the many twists, turns, and passages. Overall, there was less crawling than previous caves we’ve been to, but lots of awkward bending over and lots of water. We were in the cave for about five hours before we exited into the freezing open air, completely drenched. Satisfied with our mission, we headed out for other fun.

We went to the Tibetan Mongolian Buddhist Cultural Center where we marveled at the ornate buildings and shrines and got a mini tour from one of the staff members. Feeling enightened, we went back into town to Turkuaz for delicious Turkish cuisine while sitting on a pile of lavish pillows fit only for a sultan. We crashed again at Dave’s house.

Sunday morning, we stopped at McCormick’s Creek State Park for some precarious hiking on the frozen river before finally heading back to South Bend.

This trip was in preparation for an upcoming trip, also to Sullivan’s Cave that will be open to beginners. If you’re interested in trying out caving, sign up on our facebook event.

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3 thoughts on “Scouting out Sullivan’s Cave

  1. Ben Alford

    Hearing about these souther Indiana spots like the Tibetan Cultural Center certainly makes me nostalgic…

    Props on injecting heightened safety into your subterranean adventuring! It’s always worth heading over to the National Speleological Society’s website for more tips on caving safety and ethics!

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