Dr. T.K. Lawless and Climb Kalamazoo Dual Adventure

With the fresh snowfall we decided it was time for some snow sports. In other words, sledding down a giant hill like a bunch of kids! Eight adventurers headed out Saturday morning to take advantage of the tubing hill at T.K. Lawless park in Michigan and it was great. We spent about three hours hurling ourselves down the hill on anything that would slide including inner tubes provided by the park, toboggans, disks, and one particularly exciting sledding device nicknamed the dustpan. We were continuously creating ways to up the ante ond pushing tubing to the extreme. For example, stacking inner tubes on top of each other and seeing how far down the hill we could make it, or building a ramp to see how much air we could get.

As we began to get tired we went to the shelter and built a roaring fire so we could dry off and enjoy some hot soup I made on my camp stove for everyone. It was well worth the wait and we were still able to do some exploring of the park before we had to leave for part two of this adventure.

That afternoon we drove north to Kalamazoo for an evening of indoor climbing. There were plenty of top rope opportunities and great bouldering at the gym. After a few hours of climbing we were pretty famished so tacos seemed to be the only logical cure. After tacos it was back to the gym for more climbing until our arms wouldn’t hold us anymore. We love Kalamazoo, and not just for the great climbing gym. It’s an exciting college town with plenty of city adventures, so we decided to explore the town which meant trying a popular bar called the Beer Exchange where the price of the beer is determined by the market within the bar. The more popular the beer, the more expensive it will be, while the least popular ones may only be a few dollars! We ended our day with one final stop at the Donut Mill to fill ourselves with some of the best donuts in Michigan. IMG_1431 IMG_1430 IMG_1427 IMG_1418 IMG_1416 IMG_1403 IMG_1405 - Copy IMG_1410 IMG_1413 IMG_1414

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