Frank and Kerry’s new adventure!

Since word is slowly trickling out, I was given permission for this exclusive. Frank and Kerry are setting their sights on a new adventure. Frank has taken a job in Kansas! I had always known that this was an inevitable situation but just hearing the news, it was shocking, sad and bittersweet.

For those of you who may not know, Frank and Kerry started the South Bend Adventure Club back in 2013 and it quickly gained a following. I think it is fair to say that Frank and Kerry are the spark of “Ignite Michiana”! Having gone on many adventures with them, I can honestly say that I learned a great deal from them and they have always been hospitable to all.  There have been adventures just about every weekend from mid 2013 thru 2014, something that I’m not quite sure can ever be matched again. Their genuine hospitality, sense of adventure, greatness, awesomeness, leadership and friendship will also likely go unmatched.

And you can’t stop the adventurous spirit of these two, from what I understand, there is a new club in Kansas that will be the benefactor of our loss. I certainly hope there will be upcoming events posted so that we can visit Frank and Kerry and they can take us on a few more adventures!

So what now? What will happen to the adventure club?

Frank and Kerry tapped me to take on a bigger role in the club and while I appreciate that, we have often discussed EVERYONE taking on a bigger role. We have 1,300+ members, everyone can be a leader! I often see people requesting certain types of adventures, posting adventures after the fact and posting adventures that are being organized outside our club, why not be proactive and create an event for the club?  Please take the opportunity to fill the calendar with adventures!  The club can only continue on with the support of it’s members! It’s up to YOU! 🙂

For the next year, I will work, in the interim, at some of the behind the scene administration work such as renewing the blog. I will post my usual local hiking adventures, may plan a Mammoth trip later in the year and search for local events I can add to our calendar. My hope is that the club will be 100% member supported. Again, it’s up to you.

Frank and Kerry, You will truly be missed! I can’t wait for the first Adventure Club trip to Kansas!
Good Luck and Best Wishes!

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