Hiking (or was it swimming?) Turkey Run and Shades

For our final official adventure club trip, Kerry and I chose Turkey Run and Shades (in our opinion the best state parks in Indiana). Despite the warnings of thunderstorms, ten adventurers met up in town and headed to Indiana’s canyon country. A lot of people scoff at the idea of there being natural beauty and world class hiking trails in the Hoosier state. Those people have never been to Turkey Run and Shades.

We spent the weekend on the very rugged and very flooded trails. Although there were storms, ankle-deep muddy puddles and freezing river crossings, there was also a fancy lodge with free coffee, a warm chili dinner, a campfire, and good company. And by Sunday, the storm had passed and the warm sun was shining. Areas covered include Rocky Hollow, Falls Canyon, Boulder Canyon, Devil’s Backbone, Prophetstown Native American village, and a historic farm.

This trip was a good reminder to always ignore the forecast. Put on a poncho and get out there. Life is too much fun to wait for the storm to pass.


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