Cowless Bog Hike

On August 22, nine adventurers hiked the Cowles bog trail.  This was a fun event hosted by Frank and Kerry last year, which I reposted.  Carpooling and meeting interesting fellow adventures is part of what makes the trips so fun for me.  The pink mushroom below was destroyed when we came back at the end of the hike.  One adventurer saw some guilty looking kids:)  Many variations in sights on this trail.  Santiago’s in Chesterton had great food and wonderful service, someone got a free drink!  At the end everyone decided to go have treats and ice cream at La Rosita in South Bend.  La Rosita is an Adventure Club favorite.

Photo Credits to Craig and Dave.

11951814_10206205269904594_934373259787425185_n 11222061_10206205270144600_6218384473895836548_n 11892257_10206205268304554_6801885013752473260_n 11900090_10206804222039494_8773262721933870918_n 11903711_10206804221599483_3192062354964294955_n 11924916_10206804220559457_8872105130102499647_n 11947409_10206205268744565_8434899651936795468_n11891213_10206804223839539_6352697167497522576_n 11898545_10206804218999418_2773593490629209199_n 11898538_10206205267024522_1031650224972220661_n 11947581_10206804217199373_1104141552231392433_n 11928743_10206804216439354_9138243478305022288_n

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