Confessions of a US 31 Day Dreamer

Over the past 10 years I have utilized US 31 for various trips starting in the South Bend, Indiana area. As I traveled south to Indianapolis, there have been many places I have driven through that have earned my mindful future pit stop consideration. Two years ago, we traveled down to Mammoth Cave, Kentucky and while we had an amazing time, there were other places we passed along the way that we were interested in seeing. After making the trip a few times, we realized it is not just the in between trips that were fresh in our minds but there are destinations a few miles ahead that warranted our attention.

I have a friend who over the course of two years made two visits to Nashville Tennessee. While on our last trip to Mammoth Cave (Mammoth Cave, Ky) I looked at a map and realize just how close (One hour and twenty minutes) we were from that very location. We have a neighbor who spends vacation in Gulf Shores, Alabama. If we continued on the same US31/I65 corridor, it is only an additional 7 hour drive from Nashville. Did I mention what there is to do if we take US 31 North of South Bend?

((((Day Dreaming)))….We could ultimately start in Silver Beach Michigan wading in the waters along the shores of Lake Michigan. Driving South we could pick up our friends in South Bend, maybe take in a minor league Baseball game watching the South Bend Cubs. About an hour and a half further south, we could visit Grissom Air force Base or the Grissom Air Museum. From there, US 31 takes us right through the heart of Indianapolis, Indiana. We could stop off to enjoy some of the night life or the Indianapolis Indians could be another minor league Baseball stop. Afterwards we can camp for cheap at Shades State Park (once known as “Shades of Death” (evil laugh) or one of our favorite South Bend Adventure Club stops: Turkey Run, Turkey Run II or even Turkey Run III. We could spend a day hiking and then continue on to our next adventure at Mammoth Cave, Mammoth Cave II and Mammoth Cave II.I

Well rested after our Mammoth Cave visit, we can spend a crazy night in Nashville, Tennessee! The home to Country Music! I could easily see spending a day or two exploring Nashville! How could any adventurous, South Bend adventure club member not venture into Nashville?!?! I’m not 100% sure what lies between Nashville and Gulf Shores, Alabama but if we are in Nashville, we likely traveled 6 hours to this point. (not including all those stops)… WE ARE AN ADVENTURE CLUB! Why not complete the next 7 hours and find ourselves wading our feet in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico as we spend a day or two in Gulf Shores, Alabama…. There is a minor league baseball team not too far away, the Mobile Bay Bears… (I’m not too much of a Baseball nut, huh?). Since we have this crazy blog with tons of Loyal visitors, they can give us details of places to see along the way… right?

I was just day dreaming but maybe Spring 2016 will see this adventure come to fruition?

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