This club is going to the dogs!

One of our members, Natasha,  created an event inviting our club members to bring their dogs on a hike. It was a huge success!

We met up late this morning at the trail head at Potato Creeks trail 4. We had snow covered trails and the weather was cool but the sun was out which led the way to a temperature rise during our hike.

In all, there was approximately 10-12 dogs, a few extra humans who then proceeded to hike 2.25 miles in the first ever, South Bend Adventure Club Pooch Parade! I hope everyone understands there will be some Alpha’s in the group… so I will have to apologize if I seemed a bit pushy! 🙂 Ah… for the dogs. Seriously though, there was a period where there was some canine tension but as soon as the hike started, most everyone was the best of friends.

At the end of the hike, a few people hiked an additional 6 miles along trail 4, trail 2 and trail 1, including a walk on the frozen lake. I’m always amazed to see ice fisherman since it was not something I saw growing up on Long Island.

Not sure about other dogs but our dogs fell fast asleep when they arrived home. Hopefully we can have additional pooch parades in the future!

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