Adventure Club FAQ

How do I become a member?
Just go to our facebook group and join. If you do not use facebook, there is an alernate site you can join at however there is much more member interaction on facebook.

What kinds of things does Outside the Bend do?
Anything that is outside and/or adventurous. Lately we’ve been doing lots of rock climbing, hiking, canoeing and some caving. But any activity you can dream up is fair game. Biking, running, urban exploring, fishing, skydiving, scuba diving, geocaching, mushroom hunting…. seriously anything.

Who organizes the trips?
Anyone can. You should have a little bit of experience doing the activities and some basic information on where you are going. But you do not need to be a professional. You can also ask if someone with more experience can help you lead something. The club is not meant to be a professional guide service. It is meant to be a forum for joining up with like minded people kind of like couchsurfing. Read my guide to organizing trips for more information.

Are there dues?
Nope. The only costs are the expenses on the trip like gas and camping which the participants must work out amongst themselves. In general, meaures are taken to minimize these expenses as much as possible.

What about gear?
The club has no gear of its own. When needed, gear is provided by generous members or else participants have to provide it themselves. You will probably need your own personal basic camping gear.

When are the trips?
Usually over weekends, but you can lead a trikp any time.

Does the club do anything besides go on trips?
Yes. There are fairly frequent potlucks. In the past we have had after work canoe paddles on the St Joe river. If anyone is iintereted in making that happen regularly let me know.

Are trips kid friendly?
Most trips are, but you should ask the trip organizer what is going to be involved before bringing kids.

Are trips pet friendly?
Some trips are. Ask the trip organizer to be sure.

More questions?
Contact us:

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