Camping Equipment- Where to Find?

This question appears on our Facebook page often enough that I wanted to post it on our blog page. “Where can I find…” (cheap, inexpensive, free, rental) “..camping gear”. I have not used all these resources but I do tend to stop by garage sales or the Goodwill store from time to time to see if they have any equipment.For instance, I have seen skiing equipment at Goodwill from time to time. As for Renting equipment, I would search the Internet for places in your area. I really didn’t find anything in our area but did notice REI in Chicago may rent equipment.

Feel free to comment and add suggestions but the list off the top of my head for the South Bend area:

Newspaper Want Ads
Garage Sales
Ebay (South Bend)
Goodwill (Second hand or Thrift Store.)
Goodwill Auctions
Military Surplus stores



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