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A wild flower tour

IMG_9563Our group of 11 Adventure club members set off on the Hardwood trail of Bendix Woods County Park. Probably most known for its “STUDEBAKER” word etched with live trees and its Maple Syrup festival in early spring. What this St. Joseph County Park also hosts are beautiful short-lived wild flowers. We set out at 4pm, when the sun just started to give off triangle rays hitting hardwood trees that were just beginning to sprout. It allowed us to note the contrast between the green understory that hosted many wildflowers including hepatica, Dutchman’s breeches, and the most beloved of all, trillium.   Our, truly, ~1.5 mile stroll through the woods allowed plenty of time for many-a-photo snaps, tree climbs (by the 3 boys in the group), and good conversation. I heard lots of comments about the perfect weather, the relaxation, and the stress release that seemed to float into the over-story. We ended our journey at a finale of trillium, which someone termed “trillium hill.”

My guess is that these short-lived beauties will only be around for another few weeks (if that). I understand now the Japanese sacredness of the Japanese cherry blossoms. In that country, the short-lived cherry blossom represents the fragility and the beauty of life.

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