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South Bend Adventure Club Meeting


Business: Volunteer Admins and Active members called a meeting to express ideas, concerns and to discuss topics pertaining to this all volunteer meet up group. Since we seldom meet, it was the intention that with all business discussed, admin/volunteers would be on the same page.

Purpose of the SBAC: The SBAC is a meet-up group utilizing Facebook to facilitate getting like-minded people together who enjoy outdoor adventures. Adventures take place across the Midwest and sometimes beyond.

Volunteer/Admin Responsibilities: Admins are responsible for vetting new member requests, adding or removing users, pinning posts, monitoring the Facebook page and helping out where applicable. Optional but helpful: Inviting their SBAC Friends to Events, Blogging and Creating Events.

Originally members had to be an Admin to invite the entire group to events but due to Facebook policy changes, Admins are limited to sending invites to only members they are Facebook “friends” with.

We will contact non-active Admins to see if they are still interested in being an admin and if so, ask that they assist with the roles mentioned above. If not, we will remove them from the admin role. Admins can also vet new members who are active and ask them if they would like to take on the added responsibilities.

Discussion on appropriate postings and events: The SBAC page often gets spam, multiple postings, cross posting and items posted that have little to do with the club. It has been decided that since this club is geared towards matching members to outdoor activities that any commercial, external events or causes will not be allowed. Some examples of events not allowed:
Any advertising
For Sale postings
Any event that is not Outdoor Adventure related
A promoter promoting an event even if it is outdoor related.
Any causes (Go Fund me, Save the Whales, Save the Park)
Excessive inspirational items (even though we love to be inspired)

Exceptions such as a member looking to run a “5K” as a group with SBAC members. Events can also piggy back additional activities such as hiking followed by lunch, movie or other activity.

It is suggested that if you have a cause, you should send an email to the Admin group: ( We can arrange an event in which someone from the cause can lead our group on an activity and at the same time explain your cause. At this time the cause can give them details on where they can find additional information, our page is not a place to promote your cause.

Creating Events All members can create events. In fact, we would love to see more members take the initiative to create events. If you are planning a trip to a local park, why not create a post so that others can join you? We have a post on our blog that will give you template:

In fact, why not explore our blog for ideas?

Optionally but very helpful is if you are interested in blogging about your trip.


Pinning posts: Events will be pinned to the top of the page in Chronological order. In the event there are several events during an upcoming weekend, we will make every effort to pin a post with a description and link to the upcoming weeks events.


Changing Facebook Description: It was agreed upon to change our description from: We are an adventure club that goes on trips around the midwest and beyond. Be sure to sign up for upcoming trips and check out past events on our blog!

To: We are an outdoor adventure club that goes on trips around the midwest and beyond. Be sure to sign up for upcoming trips and check out past events on our blog!

This will emphasize we are an Outdoor adventure club rather than a generic adventure club. The description will also include the link to our blog and additional notes on our spam policy.

Changing Privacy Settings It was discussed and agreed upon that we will change our group from a Public Group to a Closed Group to safe guard the membership. Our postings and events are currently public which allows someone who is unscrupulous to know when you are away from home. The only thing the change does is prevent non-members from seeing our posts or events. People can still find and join our group.

Upcoming Trip and Ideas
Mid Week Trips
Beginner Camping
Backpacking Class
Starved Rock State Park
Visiting area Nature Preserves (within an hour and a half from SB)
Volunteering at Local Parks
Volunteering or having a presence at events to promote the club.

Meetings: Meetings will be conducted seasonally. Volunteers, Admins and Active members will be invited depending on amount of space available.


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