Getting Outside FAQ

Many people want to travel and do fun outdoor trips, but when I ask people why they don’t, there are a few common excuses that people give me. This FAQ explains why none of them are valid and why you have no excuse at all.

Are there any outdoors things to do around here?
Yes. Contrary to popular belief, the midwest has plenty of great things to do. Check out our Michiana Adventure Guide as well as our blog entries for ideas.

How can I do these things cheaply?
There are many strategies. For one, join the adventure club so you can carpool with a large group (splitting gas helps a lot). Research destinations for cheap or free camping or try using . Bring your own food and cook with a camp stove. These three steps can drastically reduce the cost of a trip. Believe it or not, you can actually do lots of travelling on a very small budget if you are strategic about it. Gear can almost always be bought used and should be acquired over time, not all at once.

What gear do I need?
Check out my packing guide. I use this myself to pack for every trip just so I don’t forget anything.

Where can I find (Free, Cheap, Inexpensive) gear?
The list isn’t extensive but this page has a list of suggested places.

How much time do I need?
Literally any amount of time is enough. If you have a full week, go on a full week backpacking excursion in Manistee National Forest. If you only have three hours, go on a hike along the St. Joseph River. Contrary to what you might thing, spending time outdoors has been shown to increase productivity over the rest of your time. So there’s no excuse to not take spend at least some time outside.

What if I have no experience?
Join the club. Post something about what you want to do. There are over a hundred members so somebody probably has the experience you need and will be happy to help you.

What if I have kids?
That’s even more reason for you to be going outside. All of the places listed in the Michiana guide are kid friendly. Most of the club trips are kid friendly but you should always ask the trip organizer. In his book Last Child in the Woods, Richard Louv explains the consequences of children not being exposed to nature. They include higher rates of depression, ADHD, and obesity. The dangers of your child always being inside far outweigh any dangers in nature.

But I have so much to do on the weekend…
Just don’t do it. On Monday your house will be a mess, the laundry not done, and there won’t be any food in the fridge, but I bet you will be happy with you decision. Getting out on trips requires making the time, not waiting for it to be convenient.

It’s really that easy. You have no excuses as all. Pack you bags and go on a trip!

Check out my local resources page for lots more useful things.

More questions?
Contact Dave or an Admin at:

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