South Bend Urban Mountain Bike Route

This is a route through town that I’ve been working on putting together myself. It mostly involves riding along bumpy gravelly corridors that used to be train tracks, back alleys, and other parts of the city that most people avoid. It’s a pretty good workout and a great change of scenery if you’ve already done the East Bank a million times. It’s a work in progress, but here’s what I have so far. Let me know if you know of any other good trails/bumpy dirt roads or anything that would be fun to throw into the route.

Things to see
St. Mary’s College
Holy Cross College
University of Notre Dame
Old railroad clearing
Historic West Washington Street
St. Joseph River
Rum Village Park
Downtown South Bend

The trail is not difficult at all and does not require and actual mountain biking experience. It does not require a particularly good mountain bike. It’s just bumpy and most of the bumpiness can be avoided if you want. However it does pass through some parts of town that might be best avoided at night or by yourself. Be careful and be warned that the city of South Bend does not condone biking this trail and I take no responsibility for anything that happens while doing so. Have fun!

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