Caving Country

Bloomington is one of the cooler college towns that I’ve been to. Luckily it also happens to be right in the middle of cave country, making for a convenient place to base spelunking trips out of. We couchsurfed in Bloomington in a large housing co-op. They were super friendly and highly recommended – find them on 

Caves can sometimes be hard to get access to. Although I’ve only been in one of them, I will add more as I explore more.

Buckner’s Cave – this is a fairly easy cave to access. Simply go onto the website for Richard Blenz Nature Conservancy ( and submit a request to go in. Ours was accepted in just a couple of days. Inside, you will find an underground waterfall as well as some huge rooms.

Descending into the Earth at Buckner's Cave

Descending into the Earth at Buckner’s Cave



Gear List
Two other flashlights
Knee pads
Pee bottle
Clothes that can get filthy

No helmet or knee pads = bloody knees + concusion. Don't forget them.

Knee pads highly recommended

Chimney traversing over a river to reach the underground waterfall

Chimney traversing over a river to reach the underground waterfall


Caving tips
Protect your things. Any electronics are likely to get wet, filled with sand, and banged hard into rocks.

Poop and pee before going in, if you do it inside you have to take it out with you.

Be prepared to crawl, squeeze, and get wet and muddy. Knee pads, helmets, and throw away clothe can be found at Goodwill or a thrift store. I like St. Vincent de Paul on Ironwood and US23.

Tibetan stuff
After a full day of caving, I highly recommend going back into town for a Tibetan dinner followed by exploring the Tibetan Mongollian Budhist Cultural Center ( Although not directly related to caving in any way, this is a fun way to cap off a trip. Founded by the Dalli Lama’s brother, this is a very interesting stop where you can really appreciate the beauty of the culture. At least two different Tibetan restaurants can be found in town.


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