These places generally do not require experience or gear of any kind. Some of them are kind of touristy, but still pretty unique and interesting and worth checking out.

In South Bend
Drum Circle – This is an interesting gathering of people downtown, loosely connected by the common interest of beating on (or listening to) drums late into the night. Generally they can be found in front of the Morris theater Tuesday nights around 7-8ish. This schedule varies some though depending on how cold it is. More accurate information can sometimes be found on their facebook profile:

South Bend Center for History/ Studebaker Museum – learn about South Bend’s grand history in these very well made museums that can be seen together or separate.

Urban exploring – A different type of exploration involving abandoned industrial buildings and utility access areas.

Other Destinations
Chicago – Explore the concrete jungle of culture, music, and art.

Wolf Park ( and Tippecanoe Battlefield ( – This wolf sanctuary is pretty cool. Stop by an halloween weekend for their annual pumpkin feast which is great. Close by is an important historic battlefield where the slogan “Tippecanoe and Tyler too” originated.

Fair Oaks Farm ( – This is a pretty weird place where you can see how a dairy farm works, watch a live calf born, and eat a really fresh grilled cheese sandwhich.

Amish Acres ( – Tour a historic Amish farm and learn about a very different lifestyle. This place was definitely pretty cheesy and the people were kind of mean to us, but it was still worth going to, if nothing else just to make fun of it. The house tour was pretty interesting especially from a sustainability standpoint.

Also check out the Events and Festivals page and the Tibetan temple on the Caving page.

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