Urban Exploring

Urban exploring involves seeking out man-made environments that are not normally accessed by the general public. This includes abandoned buildings, underground access tunnels, and other interesting such places. South Bend was once world famous as a manufacturing city. In the second half of the 20th century, most of the manufacturing industry closed down and left behind a plethora of abandoned structures. Below the city are various storm drain tunnel systems that can be fairly easily accessed. I choose not to list specific locations on this page mainly because I don’t want to encourage the city or anyone else to limit access to these interesting areas of history. However I can tell you that if you scour the cracks and crevices of South Bend close enough, you will find these ruins of the past.


3 thoughts on “Urban Exploring

  1. Amanda Davidson

    I am with a local paranormal group and our group would be interested in getting in to some of these tunnels….I and a few others have came across the one in Riverview cemetery…I have heard someone was murdered in there that’s why they are sealed up….but the ghost Hunter in me wants to explore them and document any activities…

    • The tunnel in the picture can be accessed from Bowman Creek, just off of the St. Joseph River. It’s just upstream of the Sample St. bridge on the south side of the river. You might have to get wet and dirty, but its a cool area. Try not to bring too much attention to it though, otherwise the city will probably have it sealed off. Also I would recommend not going in alone, given the murder rumors and all.

  2. eric hoopes

    Love exploring south bend been thru old studebaker foundry,man hole murder building,St Joe hospital and more. Been wondering if the tunnels that ran from factory to factory are all filled in. Looking for a exploring partner im part of urban exploration resources and no one in area is into urban exploring. If interested email me at Erhoop5@Aol.com

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