Warren Dunes/Warren Woods State Park

Warren Dunes/Woods is an amazing area where you can experience thousands of years of ecological succession in an afternoon. The area was used by the earliest ecologists to study how biological communities change over time, known as succession. If you are very astute, you will notice a large diversity of plant communities within the park that represent forests of different ages. This is what fascinated early ecologists and led to many of the theories we now have for how forests develop over time. The two parks are close enough together to be enjoyed in a single day.

Warren Dunes
Website: http://www.michigandnr.com/parksandtrails/Details.aspx?id=504&type=SPRK
Map: http://www.michigandnr.com/Publications/PDFS/RecreationCamping/warren_dunes_map.pdf

Warren Woods


Things to do:
Hike: Trails are all accessible from the main parking lot. Warren woods has one small trail that goes straight through the park.
Get on the water: In the Summer time, the beach is a great place to cool down. In the Fall it’s freezing, but if you throw on a wet suit, there are waves big enough to surf! Kayaking on the lake can be enjoyed year round.
Tree hug: Warren Woods in particular has some of the largest tree specimens in all of Michiana.
Cross-County Ski: Once the snow is deep enough, several trails at the dunes are maintained for skiing.
Camp: Warren Dunes has several campsites both primitive and developed.
Dune climb: Be careful to avoid areas that are roped off. These are ecologically sensitive and could even be dangerous and should be avoided. But that said, climbing up to the peaks of some of the larger dunes (Mount Randall) can give some spectacular views.

Past Trips to Warren X State Park:
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